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 Cascades d'Ouzoud

The Ouzoud Cascades

Be they Moroccan or not, all agree in saying that the Ouzoud Cascades are one of the most breathtaking venues in Morocco. Even at the peak of summer, when locals and tourists alike wade in the refreshing waters at the foot of the cascades- the site is awe inspiring. And even then, at the heart of high season, you can chose to spend the night, and awake to the crisp silence of rushing waters.

To fully experience the cascades one must spend a night there, preferably in the 6 room Riad at the top of the Cascades. You can contact the owner at:

Riad Cascades d'Ouzoud
Phone: (212) 43 45 96 58
Fax: (212) 43 45 88 60

While you may spend one day lounging near the river, you shouldn't miss the magical walk through the nearby mountains, all the way to the "Mexican Village"- a Berber village whose touristy value has earned it this name. As you walk amongst the clay houses, don't forget to look down into the valley and onto the villagers' gardens- a small Eden replete with Fig, Pomegranate and Olive trees, with mint and wheet strewn at their feet.

For a glimpse of Leo's Ouzoud click here.